Millennial's & Money Mindset

Updated: Apr 1

Money Mindset - Did you know that having a good money mindset can help you when it comes to your personal finances.

If we are more mindful when it comes to our everyday shopping and appreciating our hard earned cash, we can truly focus on the things we value most in life. We are all guilty of impulse buying on a daily basis whether its buying lunch out or online shopping. We are living in a world consumed by consumerism, there are advertisements everywhere especially with us on our phones everyday and the rise of Social media influences it is hard to avoid it.

#3 Steps to improve your Money Mindset:

1. Pay attention to your money - check your bank balance daily. I know after a night out or a weekend treating ourselves the thoughts of checking our bank balance is terrifying and we would rather avoid. If we can try and get into this habit it will benefit in the long run and also as the law of attraction goes the more positive attention we give our money the more the more it will benefit us. Try not to get discouraged when you get an unexpected bill but rather see it as a sign that the universe is telling you to pay attention to your money.

2. Practice gratitude and be thankful - for the opportunities that your money has given you like - a roof over your head, food on the table, heating & electricity etc. Be thankful and grateful for everything that your hard earned cash has given you.

"Treat your Money like your Mind, don't waste it" -

Sophia Amoruso Founder of Nasty Gal, and Founder & CEO of Girlboss

3. Behavioural Finance - Be more aware of why you are spending money on certain items. Studies show that we all have attributed financial behaviors from our parents growing up and in turn this contributes to the way we feel and our attitudes about money and our personal finance.

I have created a basic weekly spending tracker template for keeping track of my money & weekly spending. There is something empowering about successfully having a no spend day(s) during a week! You can download it for free here!



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