#Millennials: Tips to meet your savings goals by the end of 2019

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Are you tired of being a broke Millennial and want to get your Financial Sh*t together!

Here are are some tips you can implement today to help you get closer to meeting your savings goals:

1. #Be Money Smart 💰 - spend less, save more - keep it simple.

2. #Decrease Expenses - instead of monthly gym membership watch a workout video online like the body coach or go outside for a walk/ run/ hike. Cancel any paying subscriptions that you feel you are not getting value from.

3. #Be Creative - DIY it where possible. Bring your own lunch/ coffee to work instead of buying out. Decorating at home - get furniture paint or marble stick on covers to freshen up old pieces instead of buying new. Think sustainable fashion, instead of buying new clothes.

4. #Increase Income - start a side hustle outside of your full time job to make extra cash. Do tutoring/ babysitting/ surveys/ secret shoppers/ sell clothes on dress up market, or sell things on E bay or Adverts.ie.

5. #Impulse Buying - Don't impulse buy, sleep on it.

6. #Accountability - Tell a friend or family member about your Financial goals. Having accountability always helps us follow through with goals, so don't be afraid to tell people and this should make you more motivated to achieve them.

7. #Audit Yourself - Track your spending, check your account balances daily and know exactly where your hard earned cash is going.

8. #No Spend Days - Set yourself two days during the week that are no spend days and try to increase or decrease as you like. Setting yourself a challenge can make you want to succeed more.

9. #Emergency Fund - Start by building up that Emergency Fund. Try to put away 10-15% (or whatever you can afford) of your paycheck to your emergency fund. Set up an automatic transfer to this account when you get paid so you don't even have to think about it each month.



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