What is an "FU" Fund?? #Emergency Fund 101

Updated: Mar 28

Ah Life - It can sometimes seem impossible to stay on top of all the items on your to do list and things can get in the way like "actually living" and all of life's little distractions.

There’s work, family, relationships, exercising, side-hustling, personal interests, and hopefully some sleeping!

If somehow - "organizing your finances" and "managing your money" didn't make top of the to-do list, well then we get it - you are not alone!

If you are not sure where to start this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself ...start an Emergency Fund or as some people like to think of it "FU Fund" which is the the kind of fund that means you can leave the job you hate and allows you to take a month or two off to find something that you have more of a passion doing, maybe you decide to go traveling, start your own business, or even back to college to study a different career path.

Normally a Financial adviser will say at least 3 months net income would be an ideal amount to have in an Emergency Fund, but if you are starting off if you can aim for 3 months of your fixed expenses that should be enough. We are young and shouldn't be out of work too long if the unexpected happens. This will differ from individuals and their personal financial situation.

That is why writing down a plan and putting a strategy in place for managing your money is so important to staying on track.

  • Write out a plan

  • Set realistic goals

  • Put small strategies in place

  • Track your spending

If you can start putting money aside for your emergency fund first thing when you get paid every month, once you build this up you will have a sense of security and piece of mind if something unexpected does comes up you won’t need to stress about your finances.

"Treat your mind like your money, don't waste it" - Sophia Amoruso

Once you feel you have enough in your emergency fund then you can then start the fun part knowing you are in control of your money and not letting your money control your life choices. Open a savings account for your “dream goal” like saving to buy your first home, a dream holiday, start your own Business, buy a new car, travel the world, buy that designer handbag or shoes you love... whatever it is you really want in life and that motivates you!

Lets start making some good #moneymoves x



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