Why you should start a side hustle -Income

Updated: Apr 10

I love the idea of having a side hustle and here is why I think everyone would benefit from their own!

Something that you do outside your job that you have a passion or interest in and makes you feel excited.

One of the main reasons I think creating your side hustle or “Gig economy” is to diversify your sources of income. The model of having one big company paying you a single wage to support your lifestyle can make you think...what if the company goes into liquidation or you loose your job?

But more importantly having another source of incomes means you are increasing the money you make! Therefore you have more options and security for making lifestyle decisions.

”Millionaires have multiple sources of income”

Another major benefit is the experience in starting your own project produces an extraordinary benefit: a recognition of your skills and value. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and maybe someday end up working full time on what you love and living your dream lifestyle.

Lastly, Millennial's are now more and more wanting a better work/Life balance and the majority of companies just are not satisfying this need. People are working longer hours, skipping lunch breaks, having longer commutes to work and not to mention rent increases are all huge problems.

If you are interested in starting a gig economy or side hustle, you might want to check out Gigable it’s a new Irish start up by founder and CEO John Ryan that allows you pick up jobs and also post jobs in exchange for income at a time that suits you it’s flexible and a chance to make extra income of course. I have not yet used this app myself, but I love the idea and vision of this start up business and what it offers in the style of flexible work and increasing your income.



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